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Padel: Difficulty

In short, Padel is much easier to learn and play, when you compare it directly to tennis or squash. There are no grip changes to worry about in the first instances; no need for topspin shots; if you can hit a forehand you can serve and rally already; if you have a basic knowledge of how to volley you can play; the court is smaller; you won't have to chase after balls as much. . . lots of benefits. It is also a much more sociable game than tennis for all the family. 

Basic lessons will give you an idea of how to play the game with more tactical awareness, skill and precision and to make better shot decisions. But we can have you playing a decent game within the first session or two. 

More advanced lessons will give you a break down of how to use the walls more effectively and how to play the "specialty" shots required to master the game at a higher level. 

The Same 
But Different

If you enjoy a game of doubles, then padel gets you into the fun bits quickly. It's a serve and volley type of game. But power and spin do not need to enter your mind. Patience and tactics are the way forward.