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Padel Beginnings

Born in Argentina and Latin America - Padel came about when a player with his own land had space for a smaller than normal private tennis court. He kept losing balls at one end of the court. So, he decided to build a wall to stop this from happening. He then incorporated the wall into his game. . . et voila. . . Early padel began! 

Spain then took the concept over and grew the sport more or less into what we know today, with fully closed courts and carpet floors. Now the game is enjoyed by millions of players across the world.

The Same 
But Different

As you can see from the picture above, the court is similar in many ways to tennis, but equally different. 
There are service boxes and a net the same size as in tennis but the baseline is the back glass and the sidelines are the side glass and mesh 'fence'. Enclosing the court with "walls".