You Have Been Chosen! 

Happy new year!

We have been really impressed with your Childs progress during 2023. It goes without saying, the more tennis your child plays the better they get, this then would then give them the opportunity to perhaps play in the club divisions; enter LTA tournaments; our Davis cup tournament days and other events and really develop a love for the game.  

We run 3 sessions a week for each age group and we note that your child attends 1 lesson a week. We understand this maybe down to personal circumstances in the majority of cases. 

But, where possible we would like to invite you to consider attending at least one extra session a week to reap the benefits of playing more often. 

The additional cost for this would be £80 per term. The bonus feature of adding a second session is that it gives you the option to attend three sessions at no additional cost! Even more tennis practice. 

We understand this won't fit into everyone's schedule, but due to the potential we see in your children, we would love to offer them more of our time as we enjoy seeing their progress. 

If you are interested in adding a second (or even all three) session, please click on the link below.