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Padel Rackets

As you can see from the picture, the racket (or padel) is a solid racket that is generally foam filled with graphite or fibre glass on the outside. The holes are for aero dynamics for one - making it easier for the padel to be swung - but also generally act in the same way as strings do on a racket. . . the more holes (strings) the more control - the less number of holes the more power. The stiffness of the foam also makes for a different experience with the padel. The softer the foam, the easier to hit, but less control and visa versa. 

The padel is around 45cm long with varying shapes - round, teardrop or diamond. They are approx 26cm wide and 3.8cm thick!   

The Same 
But Different

The balls used are almost the same as tennis balls. The same size and dimensions, but are slightly less pressurised.